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How to transfer nASTR tokens with Algem

When staking ASTR tokens in any dApp of Liquid Staking Multipools, you'll earn nASTR tokens, each with its own unique utilities. For instance, Astar Degens or Algem dApp will label nASTR tokens as nASTR-AstarDegens or nASTR-Algem for Algem's smart-contracts.
However, to use or trade them on other Astar protocols, they're considered as classic nASTR tokens.
When transferring nASTR tokens from a specific dApp, utilize Algem's transfer feature to choose from which dApp among those staked you'd like to transfer nASTR. Otherwise, the tokens will be randomly selected from those in your wallet.

To transfer nASTR tokens using Algem, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Liquid Staking Dashboard and click on “Send nASTR” button next to your detailed stake;
  • From one of the available dApps, enter the amount of nASTR tokens you want to transfer;
  • Note that you can choose different dApps at the same time with different nASTR amounts;
  • Enter the destination EVM address;
  • Confirm your action by clicking on the send button.