Protocol revenues

Algem protocol revenues come from two different sources:
  • Fees. In return for its services, Algem charges a small fee for its various features:
    • Liquid Staking management fee (10% fee on staking reward)
    • Immediate unstaking fee (1% on the unstaking amount)
    • Liquid Lending management fee (10% fee on lending reward)
    • nASTR Farming fee (10% fee on partner's farming reward)
  • Build2Earn reward. Algem is part of the Astar Builders program. As a result, Algem generates operator rewards from Astar dApp Staking during each Astar era through its pool on the Astar portal. Users can follow the reward distribution on Subscan.

Revenue distribution

Before the Liquid Lending launch (current stage)

After the Liquid Lending launch

  • 70% of the whole revenue goes to the ALGM stakers as a reward;
  • 20% of the whole revenue goes to the team;
  • 10% of the whole revenue goes to the immediate unstaking pool.