ASTR Liquid Staking

When users deposit their ASTR tokens on Algem's liquid staking feature, they receive the same amount in nASTR tokens in return (1:1 ratio).

Deposited ASTR tokens are delegated by Algem's smart contracts directly to the Astar network's dApp Staking and begin earning staking rewards. Algem collects these rewards and distributes them, minus a small fee (more information about our fees), to users based on the nASTR balance in their wallets.

Algem tracks all types of nASTR tokens, including base tokens, LP tokens, etc., which means that nASTR holders can use their tokens on other defi protocols through the nASTR Farming and still earn rewards.

Staking reward is distributed according to the current dApp staking APR and rules. In addition, users can claim rewards on Algem after each new era.

With Liquid dApp Staking, ASTR holders can choose the dApp they want to stake on and thus support in dApp staking. When a user decides to deposit his ASTR tokens on one of the dApps available in Liquid Staking, Algem's smart contracts directly transfer the ASTR tokens to the Astar network's dApp Staking and stake them on the corresponding dApp.

In this way, Algem maintains and shares Astar Network's vision of creating a sustainable ecosystem where dApps and users collaborate and support each other for the benefit of the ecosystem.

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