Algyors Program

Welcome to the Algyors Program!

Algyors are the ambassadors of Algem through the universe of Dotsama, their mission is to promote our city and contribute to the growth and influence of Algem. They are also essential members of our community and our city, helping our citizens and visitors during their journey in Algem. Algyors are members of our community selected by the Algaris, the founders of the city. They work closely with the Algaris and are the liaison with the community to improve Algem all the time.


  1. The most important rule: always be polite, no matter what someone is writing you. A courteous approach always wins over rudeness and insults.

  2. Be as accurate and short in your answers as possible. Time is a valuable currency, do not waste your and the userโ€™s time. If the user asks you for a link, send him a link. If the user asks you for a release date, send him a date, etc.

  3. Do not use โ€œsoon.โ€ Soon doesnโ€™t exist in our companyโ€™s vocabulary.

  4. Do not answer the question if you donโ€™t know the exact answer. Ask for assistance from somebody from the core team.

  5. Do not answer the question if it was answered already.

  6. Do not hide from unsuitable questions. E.g., token price, the release was postponed, etc. Communication and transparency always win. 99% of our users are everyday people, and regular people understand that sometimes things go out of the initial plan. They just want to know why.

  7. Never use words like โ€œdudeโ€, โ€œmateโ€, โ€œmanโ€, etc. We are not in a bar.

  8. Encourage users to leave feedback about our product. Our users have to understand that their opinion matters and will be rewarded.

  9. Identify Algem brand advocates. In web3, users tend to help without any payment. But our goal is not to use people but to stimulate them to spread information about our platform (video, tweets), create and manage local communities, etc. They have to know that their efforts will be rewarded by ALGM.

  10. You can mute or even ban without warning users that violate the accepted rules of our community. Our goal is to keep communication in a polite and friendly manner.

Ambassador Reward Program

Missions & Criteria

  • Being an active community member

  • Understand and share the vision and goal of Algem

  • Help and answer the community in our social media and community channels (Twitter, Telegram, Discord)

  • Moderate our social media (Discord, Twitter)

  • Translate and publish news, content and important articles on community channels.

  • Promote Algem in other Polkadot and crypto communities.

How does the program work?

The program focuses on three main tasks for the ambassadors:

  1. Provide help and support to users and moderate Algem's social networks (Discord & Twitter)

  2. Translate into native language Algem news and updates shared in the announcement channel and publish them in the corresponding international community.

  3. Each week, specific tasks will be assigned to Algyors that can range from specific translations (documentation, blog, app, etc) to local market research to conducting online workshops.

At the end of each month, all Algyors will participate in a monthly call with Algem's core team to discuss Algem's goals and plans for the following month and share their feedback. Algyors will also fill out a monthly feedback form to self-assess their work and their community.

The rewards for the Ambassador program are in nASTR & ALGM tokens and come from the community growth allocation and the dApp Staking developer rewards.


  • Agree and accept Algemโ€™s rules and the ambassador guidelines.

  • Carry out daily and weekly assignments

  • Participate in the Monthly Algyors Meeting

  • Complete the monthly feedback and report.


Each month, Algem allocates 8500 nASTR & 600 ALGM tokens to each ambassador of the program until the listing of ALGM token on the market. After that, the reward will be only in ALGM tokens (amount can be changed depending on the market value of the ALGM).

How to join the Algyors Program?

If you are ready to join the Algyors program, complete the application form to join Algem!.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

We only accept active community members on Discord! Just joining the community is NOT enough. If you are not active you will be denied as Ambassador. Please know if you submit your application, you agree that you are part as an active community member and you understand Algem.

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