Liquid staking FAQ

Q: What is liquid staking?

Community members can participate in the Astar Network dApp staking via our liquid staking solution. Users will receive nASTR tokens (A liquid representation of the staked ASTR), use them inside Algem or partner dApps, and continue to receive their staking reward.

Q: How does it work?

When staking your ASTR with the Algem liquidity staking, users receive nASTR tokens on a 1:1 basis. Users can use their new nASTR tokens for yield farming, lending rewards, etc.

nASTR holds a 1:1 peg to ASTR. Therefore dApps can implement the same use cases for this token and increase their liquidity.

The protocol distributes staking rewards according to the current dApp staking APR and rules.

Q: How do you count dApp staking rewards?

Our protocol counts dApp staking rewards according to the number of nASTR you have and the current APR.

Q: What if I sell a part of my nASTR?

You will lose the same part of the dApp staking reward because you will lose rights on the underlying ASTR.

Q: When I use nASTR for farming/lending in the nASTR Farming, will I continue to receive a dApp staking reward?

Yes. When you use it in the Farming section, you still have the rights to underlying ASTR and, therefore, on the dApp staking reward generated by these tokens.

Q: How long is one era on Astar Network?

One era on the Astar network corresponds to 7200 blocks. The Astar network produces one block every 12 seconds, so one era lasts almost 24 hours or one day. See the Astar documentation or the portal for more information.

Q: How to claim the dApp staking reward?

Log in on Algem via MetaMask and claim your reward.

Q: What is the unstaking period?

Unstaking period varies from 10 ERAs to 13 ERAs (approximately 10-13 days).

Why so? In the Astar Network dApp staking unstaking period is 10 ERAs

DApp staking has a limit of 4 unbonding calls/user during the 10 days. Since our liquid staking contract is basically a user, Algem groups all unbonding calls into bunches and sends them to the dApp staking 4 times/10 days. That is why If you unstake ASTR at the beginning of this cycle, your unstaking period will be 13 ERAs.

Q: What if I buy nASTR on DEX or send nASTR tokens to my other wallet?

Your address, where you hold nASTR tokens, will start to receive the dApp staking reward. Also, you can claim underlying ASTR anytime on Algem.

Q: When can I claim my ASTR back?

Anytime via the unbonding form. At this moment, the protocol will burn your nASTR tokens.

Q: Is nASTR sufficiently backed by ASTR?

Yes. nASTR tokens are minted at the 1-1 basis at the moment of staking and burning at the moment of unstaking. nASTR supply is controlled by nDistributor smart-contract and the only way to mint new nASTR is to stake ASTR through the liquid staking form on Algem app.

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