Contracts information

Security deployment and contract administration

Algem contracts are deployed using GitHub CI and incorporate OpenZeppelin library modules, bolstering protocol dependability.
A majority of these contracts are designed for upgradability. When engaging with such contracts, remember to exclusively employ the Proxy address.

Role-based smart-contact management

Algem employs a role-based system for managing smart contracts. This entails confining vital operations to the multisig wallet, while routine, non-critical actions are permissible via the ordinary wallet. This system encompasses two distinct roles:
3/4 Gnosis Safe Multisig controlled by the two Algem team members and two Astar Network Core team members.
Multisig address: 0xf1893e221227ff7B28D0dBe4dc367F54AAf9BEBD (Astar Network mainnet).
All the contracts changes and grant/revoke role operations could be made only under the DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE (via the multi-signature transaction).
Regular address with Algem development team access.
Manager address: 0xf9B9068276163f47cd5599750496c48BeEba7B44 (Astar Network mainnet).
This role is used for the non-crucial operations which cannot affect the security level of the dApp such as setting the minimal staking amount, etc.
For a comprehensive rundown of operations allocated to each role, please refer to the Miro board provided.

Deployed Smart Contract Addresses

View Algem's Smart Contracts on Github:
  1. 1.
    Liquid Staking
Contract name: Liquid Staking Contract address: 0x70d264472327B67898c919809A9dc4759B6c0f27 The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 2.
    Liquid Staking Manager
Contract name: LiquidStakingManager Contract address: 0x6edB3FdA40B8110fc0B820b48B7567E337915ffa The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 3.
Contract name: NDistributor Contract address: 0x460FB32070b77eB4Ff8d8f3EF717972F24433C83 The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 4.
    NFT Distributor
Contract name: NFTDistributor Contract address: 0x5167D19e76934D881FBdd77FB97ea36fb4FaE0cf The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 5.
    Adapters Distributor
Contract name: AdaptersDistributor Contract address: 0x294Bb6b8e692543f373383A84A1f296D3C297aEf The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 6.
    Algem Liquid Staking Discount
Contract name: AlgemLiquidStakingDiscount Contract address: 0xF0F9238013af5982f97A347D190181F200Ad68CD The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 7.
    Sirius Adapter
Contract name: SiriusAdapter Contract address: 0x29774f72d921d1F5C591ab68dE532a528A4288B4
The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 8.
    Kagla Adapter
Contract name: KaglaAdapter Contract address: 0x8d4F87A8f688Af04e9E3023C8846c3f6c64f410e The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 9.
    Arthswap Adapter
Contract name: ArthswapAdapter Contract address: 0x09D5476c1c31eeE81E31dFD6923C314D33E57a4F The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 10.
    ​​Sio2 Adapter
Contract name: Sio2Adapter Contract address: 0x7dE84319633850Bdabc557A1C61DA9E926cB4fF0 The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 11.
Contract name: nASTR Contract address: 0xE511ED88575C57767BAfb72BfD10775413E3F2b0 The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 12.
    Algemantis Nautilus Pass (NFT)
Contract name: AlgemantisNautilusPass Contract address: 0x170a3768117A9Ae6939EA46c1b4265e94De44534 The contract is immutable.
  1. 13.
    Algem Liquid Staking Discount (NFT)
Contract name: AlgemLiquidStakingDiscount Contract address: 0xF0F9238013af5982f97A347D190181F200Ad68CD The contract is upgradeable.
  1. 14.
    Algem Dojo (NFT)
Contract name: AlgemDojo Contract address: 0xeBdA851087FF6A75961781987B9f1F7832D9DeB0 The contract is immutable.

Pause Functionality

The pause feature serves to halt contracts temporarily during incident response.
Presently, it's activated for the following contracts:
  • Liquid Staking
  • Sio2 Adapter
Pause functionality adheres to the Pausable module standard within the OpenZeppelin library for all these contracts.
Contract.pause() Pause a contract by setting the paused boolean flag to True.
Contract.unpause() Unpause a contract that was previously paused, re-enabling exchanges.
Disabling functionality:
  1. 1.
    Liquid Staking All calls to contract functions are blocked.
  2. 2.
  • transfer()
  • transferFrom()
  • mint()
  • burn()
  1. 3.
    Sio2 Adapter
  • supply()
  • withdraw()
  • borrow()
  • addSTokens()
  • claimRewards()


Our contracts operate without a time-lock function, as administrative actions are exclusively managed through the multi-signature wallet's address. This design guarantees swift execution of administrative decisions, eliminating the necessity for time-based delays, all the while upholding a secure and well-regulated environment.

On-chain threats monitoring system

Presently, the Algem team is actively investigating on-chain monitoring systems, akin to the functionality offered by platforms such as Forta.