🔀Transfer assets to Astar Network EVM

Astar Network uses two different but related networks, Astar Substrate and Astar EVM.

The Astar portal is a gateway between those networks, and the portal uses ASTR tokens for gas fees.

If you need ASTR tokens to do a transaction, you can claim free ASTR on the Astar Portal or Astar Discord.

Algem is, at the moment, only deployed on Astar EVM. Therefore, to use Algem, you must transfer assets such as ASTR tokens to your Astar EVM wallet.

To do so, you have five options.

  1. Withdraw from a CEX supporting Astar EVM

  2. Transfer from Astar substrate to Astar EVM using the Astar portal

  3. Use a bridge

  4. Cross-chain swap assets

  5. Buy ASTR tokens on a DEX.

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