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Algem is the first project on Astar network to experiment with NFT collections and Defi services. Owning one or more of our NFTs gives its owner advantages over Algem's Defi products, such as discounts on fees, increased APR, access to private groups and other gifts.

Algem currently has three NFT collections:

  • Algemantis

  • Liquid Staking Discount

  • Algem x Archiverse Dojo

Algemantis NFT Collection

Algemantis is Algem's core NFT collection and represents Algem's Senators, a group of dedicated users who participate in Algem's important decisions and have access to early releases.

The birth of algemantis is accompanied by the story of Algem's conception by the founding team, and can be discovered on the Algemantis website.

NFT contract name : Algemantis Nautilus Pass NFT contract address: 0x170a3768117a9ae6939ea46c1b4265e94de44534 Supply: 246 ANP

Benefits of owning a Algemantis NFT :

  • APR Booster for the Liquid Lending ALGM Incentives

  • Discount on the Liquid Lending fees

  • Private NFT and tokens airdrops

  • Regular private incentivized contests and polls

  • An access to the private group in Algem Discord

  • Discussion of the governance decisions

Algemantis NFTs can be traded on the secondary market on Bluez or Tofu NFT :

https://bluez.app/algemantis_nautilus_pass https://tofunft.com/collection/algemantis-nautilus-pass/items

Liquid Staking Discount NFT

Liquid Staking Discount NFT is a collection of NFTs offering their owners a discount on the reward fee for using Aglem's Liquid dApp Staking feature.

Holding a NFT gives a 10% discount on the 10% staking reward fee, bringing the fee down to 9% instead of 10%. The bonus is not cumulative if holding one or more NFTs at the same address.

NFT contract name: Algem Liquid Staking Discount NFT contract address: 0xF0F9238013af5982f97A347D190181F200Ad68CD Supply: 66 ALSD

Liquid Staking Discount NFT can be traded on the secondary market on Bluez or Tofu NFT :

https://bluez.app/algem_liquid_staking_discount https://tofunft.com/collection/algem-liquid-staking-discount/items

Algem x Archiverse Dojo

This NFT was offered by Algem to reward all the users who completed the campaign #AlgemDojoContest.

The DOJO has been fully developed and modeled in 3D with reference to Algem and Astar’s colors. The building takes its archetype from traditional Japanese craftsmanship while adding neo-futuristic elements to generate a new spatial and visual experience.

The space offered within the dojo is thought of as being, a practice area, a place where you meditate, repeat exercises and celebrate learning.

It will allow you to remember your participation in the Algem event. Along with the #AlgemDojoContest campaign, you perfected your art by completing different quests in order to discover Astar decentralized ecosystem and Algem application.

As of now, you have your personal DOJO which will forever bring back memories of this special time of learning and intimate development. It will allow you, in turn, to transmit the knowledge you’ve learned while bringing in new users.

Developed and built by Archiverse (www.archiverse.art)

NFT contract name: Algem Dojo NFT contract address: 0xeBdA851087FF6A75961781987B9f1F7832D9DeB0 Supply: 160 AD

Algem x Archiverse Dojo NFT can be traded on the secondary market on Bluez or Tofu NFT :

https://bluez.app/algem_dojo https://tofunft.com/collection/algem-archiverse-dojo/items

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