Mobile version

To access Algem on your phone, we recommend using the Metamask mobile app available on OS or Android. Beware of fake Metamask and use only the official website! ->​


Once your wallet is connected to Metamask mobile and you have ASTR tokens, you can go to browser and search for;
  • Enter the dApp and connect your Metamask wallet.
  • To stake, scroll down to the liquid staking section;
  • Enter the amount of ASTR token you would like to deposit (minimum of 100 ASTR);
  • Confirm your action by clicking on the stake button.
Once Algem has delegated your ASTR tokens to Astar dApp Staking, you will receive the same amount as the amount deposited in nASTR tokens and start earning staking rewards.
You can add the nASTR token to Metamask by adding the following token address or using the dedicated feature in Algem dApp.
nASTR: 0xE511ED88575C57767BAfb72BfD10775413E3F2b0
  • To claim your rewards, you must first wait at least 1 era (~24h on the Astar network);
  • Then press the "claim" button and confirm the transaction;
  • Your rewards will be distributed directly to your wallet.
  • To unstake your nASTR tokens and redeem ASTR tokens, you must first switch to “unstake” mode;
  • Enter the nASTR amount you would like to return;
  • Select the unstaking parameters (regular or immediate) and accept the conditions;
  • Confirm your action by clicking the “unstake” button.
  • You will receive your ASTR tokens directly into your wallet after fulfilling the unstaking conditions (e.g. unbonding period).